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US Coating Solutions' system for decks. Stain Once and Protect with Flex-Clear Urethane!!

US Coating Solutions' system for exterior wood restoration, wood protection and refinishing employs the next generation of high tech coating advances in order to provide exceptional durability that will provide a sustainable beautiful finish. The system contains proven UV protection and complete anti-microbial protection for the life of the coating to include mold/mildew/algae prevention.

You can stain your deck once with Saturant Stain and protect it for a lifetime with Flex-Clear Urethane when properly maintained.

Application is a three step process each being as important as the other:

  • Anti-Mold Soap is the authorized cleaning agent to kill mold, mildew and bacteria. It will clean the deck and prepare the deck for the stain and topcoat. Saturate the deck with Anti-Mold Soap, let it set for about 1/2 hour and power wash clean.
  • Saturant Stain Concentrate contains our exclusive "Anti-Microbial System" that saturates into the wood and delivers stain very effect lively as well as our exclusive anti-microbial package protecting the wood from the inside from mold, mildew and pest infiltration.
  • Flex-Clear Urethane (matte, semi-gloss or gloss) is the recommended topcoat to protect the stain and deck, keeping it looking great for many years. Flex-Clear Urethane cross-links with the cellulose in the wood providing a very durable topcoat. Flex-Clear Urethane has proven to be a bullet proof finish that eliminates peeling and flaking. Flex-Clear Urethane forms a seamless bond that actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied. It is highly UV resistant providing long term protection for the wood and the coating. Flex-Clear Urethane has been designed to provide superior performance where an advanced High Performance Coating is desired.

Why Conventional Deck Coatings Fail

Cause of Failure Conventional Deck Coatings Deck Protection System from US Coating Solutions
Moisture Conventional Deck Coating Systems allow moisture and chemical penetration accelerating failure. Flex-Clear Urethane has unique properties that compensate for moisture in the wood protecting the deck from moisture with a durable and waterproof topcoat.
UV Rays Conventional Deck Coating Systems do not have adequate UV protection and fade within 1 year. Flex-Clear Urethane prevents UV Rays from deteriorating the stain for the life of the coating with proven UV protection.
Poor Adhesion Surface coatings peel over time because they separate from the substrate due to normal weathering. Saturant Stain Concentrate and Flex-Clear Urethane penetrate the surface and cross link with the substrate forming a tenacious bond that cannot peel.
Stress Cracking Stress cracking is caused by the coatings inability to be as flexible as the substrate resulting in premature failure. All substrates move, expand and contract. Our deck system cross-links to the substrate to form a seamless coating that expands and contracts with the substrate
Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Conventional deck coatings are vulnerable to deterioration from fungi, bacteria and chemicals accelerating failure and poor appearance. Our Exterior Wood Protection contains "sustainable anti-microbial protection" for the life of the coating resulting in a system that lasts and looks great for many years without worry from mold, mildew or bacteria.
Durability Conventional deck coatings contain acrylic resins designed to cover the substrate with chain polymers that do not hold up on decks. Our Exterior Wood Protection contains a cross-linking system resulting 3D polymer chains with more durability and flexibility.
Improper Preparation and Application Manufacturers of most deck coating systems provide generic application instructions and leave the consumer on their own. US Coating Solutions evaluates each project to insure a successful outcome and provides application instructions for each project. We are also available for questions during the application process.

Lake DeckBlue Deck

Flex-Clear Urethane provides a long term solution for wood protection that looks great for many years!!

Exterior Wood Protection System for Log Cabins, Wood Siding and Wood Fences

Stain Once - Protect for a Lifetime!!

Log cabin with Saturant Stain and Flex-Clear Urethane

US Coating Solutions' wood siding restoration, staining and protection system provides a very cost effective solution to restore wood siding to its beautiful, natural look that will last a lifetime!!

Saturant Stain Concentrate with Flex-Clear Urethane for lifetime solution on a fence - NEVER STAIN YOUR FENCE AGAIN!!

You can have the beauty of wood and keep it looking great for a lifetime!!

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