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US Coating Solutions LLC's high buildup flat roof system is designed to last a lifetime, save energy with ultimate UV protection and reflectance and require very little maintenance. US Coating Solutions LLC's elastomeric roof membrane is a water barrier that also provides anti-microbial protection from mold, mildew, algae and bacteria.

Basic Membrane System

After cleaning the roof, (Anti-Mold Soap is recommended to remediate any mold problems) coat with Roof-Lok at the rate of 100 sq. ft a gal. Let that cure for 24 hours. Apply Flex-Roof Coating at the same rate and you have a great roof. It is required that you clean and re-coat the roof every 10 years with a coat of Flex-Roof. There is no need to reapply the Roof-Lok unless there has been some physical damage. This will extend our 10 year warranty for an additional 10 years.

High Buildup Membrane System

Basic application: Apply Roof-Lok at the rate of 100 to 150 sq. ft gal, rolling Poly-Steel Fiber into the coating. Then apply a second coat of Roof-Lok over the fiber at that same rate and let cure for 24 hours. Apply Recycled Liquid Rubber at the rate of 50 sq. ft per gal. Let cure for 48 hours. The final coat is Flex-Roof applied at the rate of 100 sq. ft per gal. This flat roof system comes with a lifetime conditional warranty if it is cleaned and re-coated with Flex-Roof Coating every 10 to 12 years at the rate of 100 sq. ft/gallon. This is a 30+ mil membrane that cannot be matched by any similar coatings. Flex-Roof comes in white and can be tinted any pastel based color.

Roof Lok: Roof Lok is used as the prime coat and stain block over dry cured asphalt surfaces before applying white reflective elastomeric coatings.

Recycled Liquid Rubber is a liquid emulsion formulated with the use of ground rubber from recycled tires. The cured recycled liquid rubber produces a monolithic elastomeric membrane. This high solids product adheres and conforms to irregular surfaces of cant strips, parapet walls, roof vents, skylights, and other problem areas without using metal clamps and edging. Recycled Liquid Rubber is very economical, durable and user friendly. It cures dry and does not soften with the heat of the sun, nor will it become brittle.

Poly Steel Fiber: Poly-Steel Fiber is a woven polyester fabric with a non-woven polyester fabric bonded to the surface. Poly-Steel Fiber is a polyester scrim with a thin layer of spun-bonded polyester bonded to the top side. This is a special purpose roofing fabric with tensile strength in both directions, plus elongation.

Flex-Roof: Flex-Roof is a liquid acrylic emulsion formulated to cure to a flexible waterproof membrane. The cured product has excellent tensile, elongation, flexibility and recovery properties. It contains ultimate UV protection and a anti-microbial package to prevent mold/mildew/bacteria. Flex-Roof is a proven quality product for roofing and waterproofing that has been time tested since 1975. Flex-Roof can be tinted any white based color and is shipped in white to provide the highest level of UV protection.

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Extend the life of your roof and keep it looking great!!


Roof Seal is designed to protect concrete barrel tile roofs, flat tile roofs, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes and wood shakes.. It is specially formulated to provide superior protection from moisture penetration, as well as, the effects of weathering when applied at 300 to 400 sq ft gallon in one coat.

US Coating Solutions' Roof Seal is a clear 100% acrylic coating that will keep your roof looking clean and new for years by protecting it from harmful UV rays that can cause color fading and sealing it to minimize water absorption. This 100% Acrylic formula will decrease dirt pickup and protect from the development of fungus, mold and mildew. One coat coverage will provide excellent gloss retention. Use Roof Seal to protect your roof instead of the damage and expense of power washing with bleach.

Application Instructions

Step 1. Clean roof thoroughly with Anti-Mold Soap to remediate mold/bacteria.

Step 2. Apply at the rate of 300 to 400 sq ft/gallon with airless sprayer.

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