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US Coating Solutions LLC - Red Lightning

Engineered to be extremely effective on hydrocarbon oil and lipid fats

Red Lightning is an environmentally safe industrial strength degreaser and general-purpose cleaner. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive system of surfactant and oil solubilizers, which dissolve grease and grime by way of micelle formation. When Red Lightning is used in a pressure washer or used with agitation (usually using a scrub brush or a broom), the surface-active agents in Red Lightning penetrate oil, grease, and grime and cause it to disperse into a colloidal suspension which can be rinsed away from a surface or dispersed by dilution in a body of water.

HOW DOES Red Lightning WORK?

Red Lightning breaks down the oils and lipids into millions of molecular sized particles and will not allow them to quickly regenerate like other detergent type cleaners, making clean up easier and more efficient. When you rub your finger across a surface cleaned with Red Lightning, you should be able to feel that it is squeaky clean the first time. As these millions of molecular sized particles of oils and lipids are washed down the drain, they remain broken down for a longer period of time allowing natural biodegrading to occur. The natural biodegrading occurs when microbes attach themselves to these molecular sized particles and are able to consume them, causing them to completely biodegrade.

When most detergents are applied to oils and lipids (greases), they attempt to break down the oils and lipids into molecular sized particles and carry them away with rinsing water. The problem is most detergents do not have the ability to keep the oils and lipids from reconstituting into their original state, leaving a greasy residue on the surface and the need for numerous attempts before the surface is clean. When you rub your finger across the surface, you can still feel the greasy residue left behind. When it is washed down the drain, the oil or grease reconstitutes causing an oily or greasy mess in the sewage system that cannot biodegrade and that keeps growing as more and more greasy residue is washed down the drain.

Since Red Lightning is a non-toxic blend of chemicals which works by colloidal formation to remove oil, grease and grime safely, easily and efficiently, it works differently than solvents or caustic-based cleaners. Red Lightning may be used at any temperature below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Whatever the application, we recommend the solution be allowed to stand on the surface before rinsing to permit the colloidal action to work at the recommended solution strength.

Should a stronger solution be desired, it may be used without fear of damage to surfaces because Red Lightning contains no harsh chemicals or solvents.
Red Lightning IS SAFE TO USE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE STANDARD EYE PROTECTION OR VENTILATION MEASURES. Should Red Lightning concentrate come in contact with eyes, simply flush with clean water.
Red Lightning has excellent storage stability (in excess of five years). It contains no heavy metals, organic solvents, non-biodegradable materials to make waste-water disposal difficult. Red Lightning quickly dissolves in hot-or-cold, hard-or-soft, fresh-or-salt water. It has the effectiveness of petroleum solvents without the usual associated fire hazard and negative environmental impact.
Recommended standard mixing dilutions are: 1:5 for extra heavy cleaning, 1:10 for standard commercial cleaning such as floors, walls, commercial exhaust hoods, tables etc, and 1:15 for general light cleaning.

Clean Engines with Red Lightning

Precautions/Limitations: Read and follow precautions on MSDS. Pretest new equipment, finishes, carpeting, clothing, and upholstered furniture by applying to a small area first.

For a personal evaluation of your project, call Garry at 386-313-3033 or EMail Us

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