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Liquid Stucco Extreme System with a Lifetime Warranty

Will not crack like stucco and provides Anti-Microbial Protection

Liquid Stucco Extreme (base coat) with Ex-Coat Extreme (topcoat) is a two part system that creates a beautiful stucco appearance that will last a lifetime for less than half the cost of traditional stucco. Liquid Stucco Extreme is available in course, medium or fine texture.

US Coating Solutions LLC's Liquid Stucco System will not crack and chip like traditional stucco. It contains our exclusive two pronged Anti-Microbial Package to prevent mold/mildew/ bacteria and algae. It is almost self cleaning and will not stain like traditional coatings. Imagine having the Stucco look without all the headaches that traditionally come along with stucco.

Liquid Stucco Extreme is applied with a roller creating a textured stucco look. Ex-Coat Extreme is then applied over the liquid stucco with a roller or airless spray. This is a very durable coating that will not crack, caulk or chip away. This system is self priming in most cases. You can choose from different textures to create the look you want.


Home renovated with Liquid Stucco System on Hardi Board. The contractor saved over $15,000 what it would cost to apply stucco.


Application Instructions

  • Step #1: Apply Liquid Stucco Extreme with roller. Coverage will depend on how heavy you chose to build the texture. Overage can range from 50 sq ft gal to 200 sq ft gal.
  • Step#2: Apply Ex-Coat Extreme over the Liquid Stucco Extreme at the rate of 200 to 250 sq ft per gal.


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  • Ex-Coat Extreme Prime
  • Ex-Coat Extreme is a self priming product but when coating new uncoated wood or unpainted metals Extreme Prime should be used to assure superior adhesion and lifetime warranty. If you are not sure it never hurts to prime. It can only produce a better longer lasting bond. Extreme Prime provides excellent coverage, adhesion, sealing, stain blocking and sanding properties. Extreme Prime should be applied at the rate of 300 sq ft per gal. It is the first step to a beautiful finish.

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