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Never Paint Again with our Hi-Tech Exterior Elastomeric Coating with Pure Resin Technology (Lifetime Warranty)

US Coating Solutions LLC's Ex-Coat Extreme exterior coating provides a beautiful finish that looks great for many years, exceeding our expectations to provide the highest quality coating possible. Ex-Coat Extreme High Performance modified elastomeric exterior coating is uniquely formulated to utilize the newest and most sophisticated advancements in resin technology without fillers. Ex-Coat Extreme excels in durability, mold and mildew protection, weather protection, impact resistance, stain resistance, flexibility, and peace of mind that your home or business is protected with our Lifetime Warranty. Use Ex-Coat Extreme when a self priming high performance coating is desired.

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US Coating Solutions LLC's Ex-Coat Extreme exterior paint is very cost effective solution for your home or business. US Coating Solutions LLC will provide a personal evaluation of your project to insure a successful application. Please contact Garry at 386-313-3033 for a personal evaluation, application instructions and a cost estimate.

  • Fade Resistant - Ex-Coat Extreme will not only last many years, but look great due to technology that protects color from UV rays and radiation far better than previous coatings with the highest quality pigment extenders providing excellent weathering properties.
  • Anti-Microbial Protection - Ex-Coat Extreme uses the latest technology for mold, bacteria and mildew in our exclusive two stage package that covers a wide spectrum of both mildew and mold with a fast and slow release mechanism providing protection for the life of the coating. This long term protection for mildew and mold is not available in most coatings.
  • Bridges Hairline Cracks - Ex-Coat Extreme Exterior Paint will bridge hairline cracks up to 1/16".
  • Self Priming - Ex-Coat Extreme is self priming in most cases resulting in huge savings.
  • High Build Coating- Ex-Coat Extreme can be applied up to 100 sq. ft/gallon without sagging.
  • Modified Elastomeric - Ex-Coat Extreme is elastic to handle extreme climate changes, but hard enough to be almost self cleaning and is very impact resistant. This is a distinct advantage not available in other elastomeric coatings.
  • Excellent Flexibility - can be used over metal, concrete or wood.
  • Excellent Adhesion -Ex-Coat Extreme Exterior Paint will adhere to a variety of substrates.
  • Self Cleaning - Ex-Coat Extreme resists staining and is virtually self cleaning in rain or garden hose.
  • Excellent Stain Resistance - Easily maintained to provide a beautiful finish.
  • One Coat Application - Ex-Coat Extreme can be applied in one coat up to 20 mils without sagging.
  • Cost Effective - Ex-Coat Extreme is a very cost effective solution to coating your home or business.
  • Life Time Warranty - The manufacturer offers homeowners a conditional lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home, so you never have to a paint again when applied by a contractor who follows our applicaiton instructions.

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US Coating Solutions' uses cross-linked engineering resulting in a much tougher coating!

Traditional polymers form a chain of molicules that lay side by side. This allows the material to be flexible and over time the chains break down.
Tradisional Polymers
Cross-lined Polymers
Cross-linked engineering chemically bonds these polymere chains together creating a much stronger, heat resistant coating.


Why Conventional Coatings Fail    

Cause of Failure Conventional Paint Ex-Coat Extreme
Stress Cracking Stress cracking is caused by the coatings inability to be as flexible as the substrate resulting in premature failure. All substrates move, expand and contract. Ex-Coat Extreme contains pure acrylic modified high quality elastomeric resins to avoid cracking due to extreme temperature changes.
Poor Adhesion Surface coatings peel over time because they separate from the substrate due to normal weathering. Ex-Coat Extreme provides excellent adhesion to stucco, wood, masonry, etc. without a prime coat.
Moisture Penetration Conventional Coatings allow moisture and chemical penetration accelerating paint failure. Ex-Coat Extreme is formulated for the minimum amount of moisture penetration allowing it to breathe without compromising its integrity.
Mold, Mildew and Bacteria Conventional Paint is vulnerable to deterioration from fungi, bacteria and chemicals accelerating paint failure and loss of appearance. Ex-Coat Extreme contains our exclusive "sustainable two stage anti-microbial protection" for the life of the coating resulting in a coating that lasts and looks great for many years without worry from mold/mildew or bacteria.
Durability Conventional Paint contains acrylic resins designed to cover the substrate with chain polymers. Ex-Coat Extreme contains pure acrylic modified elasotmeric resins that use the lasted technology designed for durability and impact resistance
Fading Conventional Paint fades quickly loosing its appearance with inadequate UV protection. Ex-Coat Extreme will look not only last many years, but look great due to technology that protects color from UV far better than previous coatings
Improper Preparation and Application Manufacturers of most exterior paint provide generic application instructions and leave the consumer on their own. US Coating Solutions evaluates each project to insure a successful outcome and provides application instructions for each project. We are also available for questions during the application process.

Contractor Reviews

  • "The best paint I have used in my 35 years as a paint contractor"
    The Handi-Craftsman - Central, FL
  • "I have been using your roof coatings successfully for quite some time and am extremely happy with the results. Based on the quality of he roof coating system, I decided to use Ex-Coat Extreme to paint this home. Ex-Coat Extreme is the best exterior coating I have used in my 35 years as a contractor here in the Orlando FL area. I was extremely impressed and so are my customers. Thank you for such a great product that results in satisfied customers and additional jobs from customer referrals and neighbors. I look forward to trying some of your other coatings. Keep offering such great products and you will keep me as a regular contractor……
    Willie - Orlando, FL

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  • Ex-Coat Extreme is a self priming product but when coating new uncoated wood or unpainted metals Extreme Prime should be used to assure superior adhesion and lifetime warranty. If you are not sure it never hurts to prime. It can only produce a better longer lasting bond. Extreme Prime provides excellent coverage, adhesion, sealing, stain blocking and sanding properties. Extreme Prime should be applied at the rate of 300 sq ft per gal. It is the first step to a beautiful finish.

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