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Epoxy Garage Floor Coating System

US Coating Solutions LLC's Crete-Shield high performance Epoxy Floor Coating System is designed to offer a very cost effective solution for your business, school, church, community or home. We use the latest technology to provide earth friendly coatings that out perform hazardous coatings at a considerable savings over hardwood flooring, tile and carpeting. We provide immediate savings on labor and long term maintenance savings without the hassles and health risks associated with high VOC coatings. They provide a beautiful finish with many creative options that will look great for many years. US Coating Solutions will provide a personal evaluation of your project to insure a successful application. Please contact Garry Hanson at 386-313-3033 for an evaluation, application instructions and a cost estimate.

Crete Shield is a cross-linked product to insure adhesion and long term performance

US Coating Solutions' uses cross-linked engineering resulting in a much tougher coating!

Traditional polymers form a chain of molicules that lay side by side. This allows the material to be flexible and over time the chains break down.
Tradisional Polymers
Cross-lined Polymers
Cross-linked engineering chemically bonds these polymere chains together creating a much stronger, heat resistant coating.

Application Instructions

  1. Clean floor with a degreaser if necessary (Red Lightning). Acid etch slick smooth concrete with muratic acid solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before application.
  2. Pour can B (activist) into can A (Epoxy) and blend thoroughly. Allow to sweat (stand) for 30 minutes before using.
  3. Apply at the rate of 250 sq ft/gallon in 6' by 6' sections after triming outer edges. Broadcast flakes in first coat when wet if desired. If a second coat is desired or a clear coat over flakes, apply second coat after drying for 24 hours.

Crete-Shield is available in over 200 colors with the 12 colors below avaiable for immediate shipment!!

Light Gray Crete-Shield Epoxy Floor

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For a personal evaluation of your project, call Garry at 386-313-3033 or Email Us

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