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Anti-Graffiti Protection System

US Coating Solutions LLC's Anti Graffiti system makes solvent-based spray paints, Sharpies, and permanent markers easily cleaned off of treated surfaces. Our Anti Graffiti Coating system adheres to metal, wood, brick, CMU, sheetrock, natural stone, vinyl signage and more. Super durable, UV resistant and incredibly flexible, Anti-Graffiti Coating is water-based, low VOC, and environmentally friendly, making it the preferred anti-graffiti system for government agencies, municipalities and private sector businesses worldwide offering a complete approach to meet the needs of the community to eradicate the graffiti problem. This approach will eradicate graffiti problems that any community or business is exposed to. US Coating Solutions LLC will provide a personal evaluation of your project to insure a successful application. Please contact Garry at 386-313-3033 for a personal evaluation, application instructions and a cost estimate.

Mural in Bozeman MT protected with the Anti-Graffiti Coating System

Story by BROOK GRIFFIN photography by SEAN SPERRY of The Chronicle "We were hired to protect this project from Graffiti and Fading. We used US Coating Solutions' Anti-Graffiti System and cannot believe the results. This is a great coating, looks unbelievable and the whole town is thrilled. Because of this project and the exposure we have received, we have been invited by the city to show them how we can protect the city from Graffiti and even more astounding we are getting requests for lots of different types of work with US Coating Solutions' products. The picture provided by the Chronicle show it about 2/3 s complete. You should see it now!"

What a great product C.F. Bozeman MT

Panama City Police Department protects it's high-tech armored truck with our AGS Anti-Graffiti System

Anti Graffiti Coating System

US Coating Solutions' Anti-Graffiti System is a self cross-linking, water-born silicone polyester that has super nonstick properties, thus providing excellent anti-graffiti protection, as well as a protective coating for interior and exterior surfaces. The excellent clarity makes it ideal for bulletin boards, signage, and murals. It also contains a UV package that will protect the coating below it from fading. It will not yellow like most urethane and epoxy coatings have a tendency to do over time. It is available in limited stock colors (see below) as well as clear.

US Coating Solitions' Ant- Graffiti System has been designed for high performance areas where hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance is required. The aliphatic backbone provides excellent UV resistance, which makes it particularly useful in exterior applications. One of the most outstanding features is its rapid hardness development. The Anti-Graffiti Coating systme is water borne and extremely tough even at deposits of 1 to 2 mil dry film thickness.

Silk Screened Signage Can be Protected!!

Permanent markers, spray paints, adhesives do not firmly stick, and therefore are easily removed with AGS Clean or soap and water. Our Anti-Graffiti System resist stains and when used outdoors and is in most cases self-cleaning.

Our Anti-Graffiti system has been applied to buildings including outdoor murals for years. They look as good as day one without the deterioration other murals suffered with UV light and Graffiti.

US Embassy in the Phillipines protected with US Coating Solutions' Anti-Graffiti System




• resists scuff marks, graffiti, gummy adhesive tapes, all stains
• easy to clean
• nonstick, slippery coating
• abrasion-resistant
• non-yellowing
• mildew and mold resistant
• insect-resistant
• weather-resistant
• lubricious
• water-based
• cures at room temperature
• durable
• cleans up with water
• earth friendly (non regulated)
• easy to apply
• non-sacrificial (does not lose its properties after cleaning)

Available in the following stock colors and clear

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Graffiti Removal

In some cases the graffiti can be wiped off with soap and water from areas protected with our Anti-Graffiti Coating. Use AGS Graffiti Kleen in conjunction with our Anti-Graffiti System and for all other removal of graffiti, spray paint, permanent marker, and paint (do not use on silk screened signs).

AGS Graffiti Kleen

AGS Graffiti Kleen is a water based Graffiti remover designed to easily remove Graffiti from surfaces protected by US Coating Solutions' Anti-Graffiti System and almost all other areas that are tagged. Simply lightly spray tagged area and wipe clean. It takes very little cleaner to remove Graffiti. Best used in a small spray bottle or larger spray device for larger areas.

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