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Flex-Clear Urethane

Flex-Clear Urethane is our premium two component water based, low VOC, water reducible, non yellowing, aliphatic polyurethane coating designed for interior and exterior applications. It is a UV and chemical-resistant flexible urethane that is available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte bases in a variety of colors as well as crystal clear.

Flex-Clear Urethane is equal or superior to solvent-based two component urethanes, yet is virtually odorless and earth friendly.

Flex-Clear Urethane is a unique coating that can be applied directly to most substrates without the aid of a primer and even tile with Adhesion Pro Additive. Flex-Clear Urethane produces an extremely durable finish that offers superior color and gloss retention. It provides exceptional performance designed for a wide range of demanding applications such as garage floors, chemical plants, refineries, structural steel, decorative floor coatings and other industrial applications. We recommend using it as the top coat with Quartz Crystal Systems, Play Sand Systems, or Terrazzo Chip Systems for pool decks, patios, garage floor, driveways, sidewalks, etc. where a textured non-slip surface is desired. It is the recommended solution as the topcoat to prevent damage from hot tires (clear).


Flex-Clear Urethane for a terrazzo floor and tile floor is extremely durable with a beautiful finish!!

Flex-Clear Urethane applied at manufacturing plant, warehouse, airport and garage

Flex-Clear Urethane has the added advantage of being applied directly to many substrates without the aid of a primer. It achieves superior adhesion directly to aluminum, carbon steel and galvanized metal surfaces with minimal surface prep eliminating the need for acid etch primers, bonding primers or mechanical abrading. For additional corrosion protection a primer is recommended. It can be used directly on concrete floors with proper surface prep and can be used as a clear coat for industrial floors. It can be sprayed, rolled or brushed.

RTI Before

"Thanks for Flex-Clear Urethane.. We had another job turn out great. Above is before and after pictures of the employee break room we did." Dan - RTI Energy Systems

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Ceramic Tile Coating System

Adhesion Pro

Flex-Clear Urethane can be applied to ceramic tile with Adhesion Pro Additive to provide a beautiful floor without having to replace the tile. This is a very cost effective solution to restoring tile flooring at considerable savings. Adhesion Pro is an adhesion promoter. This product, when properly combined with the Flex-Clear urethane produces a superior bond to ceramic surfaces without affecting the urethanes’ ultra-durable performance and appearance.


  1. Flex-Clear Urethane with Adhesion Pro along with proper, pre-application grout restoration or cleaning will restore tile and grout surfaces, while providing ultra-durable, multiple-year protection against future soiling or staining of the grout and ceramic. Chemicals and by products, such as urine, will no longer soak into the grout.
  2. Flex-Clear Urethane with Adhesion Pro will reduce odors and keep the ceramic floor clean, while discouraging the growth of mold and bacteria.
  3. Flex-Clear Urethane provides an attractive slip coefficient of .60 as measured by independent testing organizations.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me with my addition. I purchased the Flex-Clear and finally got around to coating my master bathroom shower and floor. The product brought out more color in the tile. I am very pleased with the ease of installation and I am sure my wife is enjoying the peace of mind knowing she will not have to scrub the walls and floor to keep them clean. We really like the constant glossy look. Thanks for helping to make our dream home come true." Eric - Mack Industries, Inc


Flex-Clear Urethane is available in many colors (click here for the urethane color chart)

Successful Applications
* Water Works Company * Queen Mary Ship * Exterior Concrete Floors
* Terrazzo Chip Floors * Quartz Crystal Floors * Manufacturing Facilities
* Public Transportation * Metal Buildings * Warehouse Floors
* Educational Facilities * Pharmacy Facilities * Garage Floors

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Crete-Coat or Crete-Shield Epoxy

 Hardwood Floor Finishing System with Flex-Clear Urethane and Saturant Stain

US Coating Solutions hardwood floor finishing system is a two step application process designed to provide a seamless coating that is extremely durable with a crystal clear finish. Flex-Clear Urethane provides a very low maintenance floor that will stand up to commercial cleaning machines. It is available in high gloss with options for a satin finish and non-slip. We offer only the best quality for all customers from normal residential applications to dance floors since application costs are the same or greater for lesser quality hardwood finishing systems. You will save on labor with a two step application process instead of a three step process and long term low maintenance making this a very cost effective solution with long term benefits. Flex-Clear Urethane is considered a permanent environmentally friendly coating that qualifies for Leeds credits.

Wood Floor

Rain Dance Floor at the Palms in Las Vegas and Residential Floor

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