US Coating Solutions LLC distributes the next generation of high-tech coatings with only the very best products that have real value for the customer and give contractors a huge competitive edge. We focus on long term value with special emphasis placed on durability, low or even negligible maintenance requirements, lifetime mold/mildew and bacteria protection, ease of application, appearance, and the environment. We constantly work to maintain our competitive edge using the latest proven technologies to achieve cost effective coating solutions that are easily applied. We offer a personal evaluation of each project to insure that we recommend the best solution available. We provide application instructions for each project and are available to call with questions during the application process.

US Coating Solutions LLC distributes high-tech productsand personal service and backs it up with a guarantee that our products perform as advertised. US Coating Solutions LLC believes the product information on this site to be true to the best of our knowledge. Our products are of the highest quality and uniform within manufacturing tolerances. Since no direct control is exercised over product use, no warranty, expressed or implied and no liability is assumed, directly or indirectly. In the event products received were defective at point of manufacture, replacement will be made by the manufacturer at no cost to purchasers. The lifetime warranty on Ex-Coat Extreme and Extreme Liquid Stucco is provided by the manufacturer and serviced by US Coating Solutions LLC.

US Coating Solutions' uses cross-linked engineering resulting in a much tougher coating!

Traditional polymers form a chain of molicules that lay side by side. This allows the material to be flexible and over time the chains break down.
Tradisional Polymers
Cross-lined Polymers
Cross-linked engineering chemically bonds these polymere chains together creating a much stronger, heat resistant coating.


Maximum Proven UV Protection

US Coating Solutions' products contain an advanced proven UV system resulting in coatings that are durable and non-yellowing. This increases the life of our products dramatically and keeps them looking great for the entire life of the coating.


Anti Microbial Protection

US Coating Soluitions coatings contain our exclusive "sustainable two stage anti-microbial protection" for the life of the coating resulting in a coating that lasts and looks great for many years without worry from mold/mildew or bacteria.


Sophisticated Curing Process

US Coating Solutions' curing process in a very high-tech system that works on a number of different stages over a long period of time. This process results in coatings that are less sensitive to temperature change so they will perform equally as well in Alaska and Florida, retain their flexibility, repel dust, are hard but not brittle, and are chemical resistant.


Environmentally Friendly Coatings

US Coating Solutions is an environmentally friendly company. Our products contain very low VOC's and have little if any environmental impact.